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AIM Kennel proudly presents Thor :


Thor _ Fila Brasileiro at the World Dog Show



Thor entered the 2007 World Show in Mexico City. There were 4 shows over 4 days. Thor got Best of Breed, out of 69 Filas in shows 1 and 3. He also went on to get Group 4, with 34 dogs in the group, in shows 1 and 3. In show two, Thor took Best of Opposite Sex. Many thanks to famous handler, Daniel Rosa for taking Thor to these prestigeous wins.

Multiple Best In Show winner, Thor is retired from the show ring and is standing at stud at AIM Kennel.


About AIM Kennel - Fila Brasileiros

AIM Kennel, located in Memphis, Tennessee, strives to produce excellent dogs conforming to the FCI Breed Standard for the Fila Brasileiro. We breed for correct type, temperament and soundness, with a goal of improvement. Our breeding program is limited. While many of our dogs have excelled in the show ring, we occasionally have “pet quality” puppies available. 

Not all Fila Brasileiros are suitable for breeding. Many factors need to be considered before a potential sire or dam is used in a breeding situation. Similarly, the parentage, ancestors, and siblings of potential acquisitions should be researched. Conformation to the breed standard, temperament, and freedom from genetic disease must all be considered.

Show ring results, as determined by independent judges, should give an impartial evaluation of conformation to the breed standard. A championship does verify the dog has been found to be of superior conformation by numerous judges. A championship does not prove the dog is free of elbow or hip dysplasia. Lack of a championship does not mean the dog does not meet the breed standard or is a sound dog. Ideally, Fila Brasileiros are judged by FCI judges certified in all breeds or the working group. Frequently dog show judges have not obtained this level of expertise. Unfortunately, some dog show judges are unfamiliar with the breed and breed standard. Some shows will consistently invite more qualified judges than others. Overall, the show ring is excellent venue for for evaluation of conformation.

Temperament is difficult to measure. Certainly a dog should be able to pass the basic temperament tests but this alone is probably inadequate in present day. Our society mandates stable companion guardian dogs. A mature Fila should have a natural distrust of strangers with desirable guardian and protective traits and drive. A mature Fila should also be manageable and well behaved in the public setting. The latter may be largely the responsibility of the owner, a function of conditioning, socialization, and training. Not all Filas with the "correct temperament" are stable for interaction with the public or breeding. A Fila Brasileiro with the correct temperament will still have distrust of strangers, even with extensive socialization.

As less than 70% of Fila Brasilleiros have normal hips and more than 20% have elbow dysplasia, potential breeders should be screened for soundness. The Fila Brasileiro Foundation provides information and tools for researching Filas and their ancestors in regard to hip and elbow dysplasia. As genetic markers for other diseases become available, they will become important in screening potential breeders.

Over the years it has been our responsibility to spay or neuter a number of Filas that have not been suitable for breeding. These animals are not illustrated here. Occasionally one of these dogs may become available for placement in a good home.

We are proud to share information on our foundation dogs as well as on some of our rising stars. Please follow the links.


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